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Blank, uninviting walls, courtyards, even garden walls, can be revitalised or enhanced with a stunning scene or ‘Banksy’ style mural. Logos for entry-ways, or business logos and straplines on buildings are other possibilities with Wallprinting. A wall need not be just a wall, it can be a piece of art, a thing of beauty to stimulate the imagination. Every wall is a canvas and Wallprinter UK make only masterpieces…

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We are very excited and passionate about this new technology. Our services are focused on quality, technique and creativity, and providing clients with an ultra-modern, competitive, no-fuss addition to modern interior design that looks unique and lends a stand-apart feel to any scheme.

Home owners – got a blank wall at home? Print on it!

Renovating or buying a new home, or just simply wanting a fresh design for your home interior? Create incredible home wall murals using Wallprinter UK’s direct-to-wall printing. From bedrooms to bathrooms, from kid’s rooms to big halls, we can print any image of any size directly on to your wall within a few hours. Bring amazing colour, images and scenes in perfect detail to anywhere in your home. Imagine the possibilities: a seascape; a beach; a forest; even your family photo’s as a mural. You could even bring the outside inside, printing on glass patio doors to make the garden appear as if it’s in the living room. Wallprinter technology opens up new vistas in home decoration without the need for fiddly preparation, pasting, papering or sticking.

And for a special children’s gift why not think about a painting of their favourite cartoon character or scene, sports hero, or wall-sized photos of a special time or place?


1. I have just an old photo or paper template. Can I print it?

We have achieved fantastic results from a simple high-resolution flatbed scanner. The digital printing of old templates, drawings, sketches, photographs or paintings works wonderfully and the results are really outstanding. We can process your items for you if you wish.

2. How much will it cost?

Our charges depend on the size of the image and image preparation work required. Prices are inclusive of supply and installation, plus we offer a free consultation and a quotation to help you choose an image to the required specification depending on your desired size.

3. How long will it take to print an image?

Our main preparation is done before arriving at your premises, but there is normally a 20-minute setup period before the actual printing starts. Printing can take just 30 minutes for a small image, or could be up to 4 hours for a 10 square metre image, but for larger images the time taken depends on the size.

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