Business Users

Interior designers and home renovators

Impress clients with this new, competitive art and design printing technology. Less fuss, less disruption, time-saving, money-saving, and a creative medium that allows your imagination to play with unique, surprising and exciting wall features that can add impact to your decor and design. Clever use of Wallprinting can make a bold statement, is conversational and marries beautifully – in every sense – with client aspirations.

Commercial and corporate offices and spaces

Wallprinter UK employs a highly professional team of extraordinary designers and printing specialists who can work with you as part of your branding, PR or renovation team. Our team is very experienced in printing corporate logos, promotional graffiti, innovative promotional designs and marketing murals. A unique, eco-friendly Wallprinter mural can dynamically convey your business ethic, or create a special atmosphere in all kinds of workspaces.

Schools, hospitals and airports

Turn dull, uninteresting wall spaces into entertaining and interactive sources of information, fun and fantasy! Wall murals to illustrate the work of a department or office; murals that explain and teach; murals that trigger the imagination – Wallprinter murals are unlike anything else around. People will look up from their smartphones to read your wall! Our professional team can work with you to create special designs to meet your needs, and we can be on site to print them within a few hours.

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, the gym

In the food and services industry every detail matters, especially your room ambience and interior design. We can create and print exclusive wall murals – indoors and outdoors – to enhance your services or products, or create atmospheric spaces that can variously suggest calm, vitality, motivation, or that indefinable sense of place. Transform your wall decor into an effective marketing campaign. Whether a coffee cup on the glass front of a restaurant or an underwater world in a waiting room, make it personalised, crazy, or outstanding … make it awesome!


1. What are the image requirements?

Excellent quality print would depend on the size of the print and the surface that needs to be printed. We have successfully printed high-resolution images even from smartphones while ensuring images retain their quality. We can process and print any graphic image, sketch or picture, raster or vector, in AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG or BMP formats.

2. I want to print text and logos. Is this an issue?

Not at all! Our vertical wall printer can be ready in minutes and prints even small text and coloured logos next to and on to doors and hallways. The device is the ideal signing solution for any kind of office or in hospitals, hotels and many other facilities.

3. What is the maximum width and height of an image?

The lowest we can print is 1.6 metres, but we can print up to 3.8 metres high. However, for commercial structures with a higher ceiling, we are able to print stitched images of almost unlimited height by using a scissor lift, and similarly we can print an unlimited length using such images.

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